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Stoecklein Photography Canvas Prints

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of this product from the order date as they are custom-made. SORRY, THESE CAN NOT BE SHIPPED 2ND DAY OR OVERNIGHT.

Our canvas prints are produced with the same high-quality printing technique as our fine art prints. They are printed on canvas, stretched onto a wood frame, and sprayed with a protective coating. The print is then suitable either for additional framing or hanging on the wall as is. They also include David’s digital signature in the lower right-hand corner of the print.

Here we showcase some of our most popular canvas prints although you can purchase any of David’s photographs as a canvas print. David’s photographs can be found in our books, calendars, datebooks, lithographs, note cards and stock photography collection as well as in western magazines and advertisements.

To view our stock photography collection of David’s photographs click on the link below. Any of these photos can be printed as a fine art canvas. To order from the stock collection call (208)726-5191

Stock Photo Collection


Featured Canvas Prints