The Idaho Cowboy Book- 25th Anniversary Edition

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25th Anniversary Edition!

Twenty-five years ago Dave started photographing the hard-working cowboys of Idaho. When people saw the first Idaho Cowboy calendar and then the resulting book, The Idaho Cowboy, they always wondered why Dave didn't do books and calendars about cowboys in other states first. But Dave lives in Idaho and those cowboys are the ones he knew best. Eventually, Dave produced calendars and books about cowboys from other western states-Texas, Montana, California-but he always had a special place in his heart for those Idaho cowboys.

Idaho may be more famous for its potatoes than its cowboys, but in fact, the state has produced some of the best cowmen and horsemen in the country. It is also a state full of cattle and horse ranches. And some of the most beautiful country and mountains in the world.

This book assembles Dave's favorite images from 25 years of photographing Idaho cowboys. The original, The Idaho Cowboy, is a classic collector's book and the one that started it all. This new book celebrates the 25th anniversary edition. And it is sure to become a collector's item in its own right.

10″x10.5″, 156 pages

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