Cowboy Ethics Book

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Having been rocked by one damaging revelation of misbehavior after another, Wall Street is in a state of crisis. But imagine what could happen if Wall Street firms looked back to a simpler time when a handshake was enough to seal a deal, and right and wrong were as clear as black and white. What if executives, portfolio managers, analysts, and traders decided that some things aren't for sale? What if every major investment firm agreed to live by the principle that the client always comes first?

In words and images, Cowboy Ethics explores the life and code of the working cowboy as a source of inspiration pointing the industry to a way out of its troubles.

This book is intended as a catalyst for a movement to transform the industry-not with the carrot and stick, but from the inside out-one person,firm, and organization at a time.

With over 100,000 copies in print, this book resonates with people of all walks of life. Copies of this book grace thousands of schools, banks & homes across the nation.

9.5×10″ Softbound, 94 pages.

Also take a look at the Code of the West lithograph which displays the 10 principles to live by!


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