REDucation Master Class Registration

  • Price: $1,600.00

    Video workshops are limited to 8 students. Workshops fill up fast so please reserve your spot A.S.A.P. The cost of the workshop is $1600.00; a deposit for $1000.00 is necessary to reserve your spot for the workshop. 60 days prior to the workshop the balance of $600.00 is due either by check or credit card.


    Video Workshop $1600.00 – Lodging Not Included
    • If you would like to have a family member and or friend attend for all of our meals, the cost is $395 for the week.
    • It is customary for students to tip the models and staff, $50 - $100 is a much-appreciated gesture.
    • The workshop begins Friday morning and ends late Sunday night. There are several motel rooms available in town. Please check our website for a detailed list. The lodging is the student’s responsibility and is not included in the workshop.


    The deposit amount specified with each workshop is due upon registration. The balance will be charged 60 days prior to the first day of the workshop. If cancellation is received at least 60 days prior to the start of the workshop you will receive a full refund. For cancellations made 0-59 days before the start of the workshop all deposits and workshop fees will be forfeited. However we do allow students to use their forfeited payment towards another workshop within one year of purchase, not including the $395.00 charge for missed meals. We understand that there are circumstances in everyone’s lives that make this necessary. Stoecklein Photography reserves the right to cancel any workshop prior to departure for any reason whatsoever including insufficient signup. A workshop with insufficient signup would normally be cancelled a minimum of one month prior to departure. The refund of payments received shall release Stoecklein Photography from any further liability.


    You must sign a Release of Liability form before the workshop begins. We cannot be made responsible for any student’s health issues. Cinematography in ranch situations can be dangerous with horses, cattle and dogs. We work very hard to have a safe environment for students to work in. If you have any health issues we will make sure the class moves at a reasonable pace.


    All workshop participants accept full responsibility for personal injury and or personal losses during the period of the workshop. Applications and payments are an acknowledgment of the terms and conditions as outlined in this document. Stoecklein Cinematography, it’s staff, and associates are not responsible for injuries resulting from a participant’s carelessness, or for loss or damage to personal property before, during or after the workshop has been attended. This includes all damage to person or property due to accidents, delay in itinerary, or expenses incurred due to theft. Payment for the workshop offered by Stoecklein Cinematography means the depositor has read this document and agrees to be bound by the above terms and conditions.
  • Participant Information

  • Please check all that apply
  • Video Usage


    The RED Digital CINEMA Still and Motion Masters Class is an educational courses intended to enhance your cinematography and photography skills to gain valuable experience. Knowledge gained at the workshops can be applied to your professional stills and motion career. The workshops are not intended to build stock video/photo portfolios or libraries and video/photos taken at workshops can only be used for personal purposes. Stoecklein Photography does not obtain or keep on file model releases for the workshop attendees and therefore video/photo taken during the workshops cannot be sold by the students. All models at the workshops are paid privately by the Stoecklein family. Attendees are encouraged to use the footage for their personal reel and websites as long as those items are not sold to other parties. *Students may enter their videos into film festivals.
  • Photo Usage


    Stoecklein Photography workshops are educational courses intended to enhance photographic skills and gain valuable experience. Knowledge gained at the workshops can be applied to everyday photography and attendees can also fine-tune professional talents. The workshops are not intended to build stock photography portfolios or libraries and images taken at workshops can only be used for personal purposes and gallery prints. Stoecklein Photography does not obtain or keep on file model releases for the workshop attendees and therefore images taken during the workshops cannot be sold as stock photography by the students. All models at the workshops are paid privately by the Stoecklein family. Attendees are encouraged to share images with friends and family, create personal calendars, notepads, postcards, gallery prints with their images taken at the workshops, as long as those items are not sold to other parties as stock photography. Students may enter their photos in photo competitions, but not in magazines as editorial images. David has never sold any type of royalty free stock and has built his career on selling rights managed stock photos. Drew is doing these workshops to share his professional knowledge; and his intent is not to build stock libraries for his students, only to teach others how to take photos. These rules do not change and will not change. Please respect Drew's views and you will come away with a wealth of knowledge! Past attendee's comment: "If you want model releases or to sell pictures that Drew spends days/months/years staging and creating, these are not the workshops for you. If you want to better yourself as a photographer, open your mind to new possibilities, learn about the cowboy way of life and the Code of the West, begin to learn what it takes to create or stage your own amazing photographs, and work next to multifaceted photographers, then these are the workshops for you."
  • Photography Workshop Rules

    1. No student may leave the group and go off on their own for any reason without permission from Drew. It is extremely confusing to try and keep track of students when trying to teach photography and control the set.
    2. No student or significant others are allowed to ride any horses, ranch horses or cowboy horses, while attending a workshop.
    3. No significant others are allowed on the photo sets during the workshop without permission from Drew Stoecklein. There are times when this is allowed but must be cleared through the office prior to the workshop. If and when this is permitted there will be a fee associated with this.
    4. Significant others are allowed to participate in meals during the workshop as long as prior arrangements have been made with the office. There will be a fee of $395 per person.
    5. Students must respect instructors complete authority as to where to be positioned and where not to be positioned while on the set of each shoot.
    6. No personal pets are allowed on any photo shoots. If you are traveling with your dog it must stay in the vehicle at all times unless specific permission has been given by Drew.
    • Please note that all the above rules are intended for your safety. They are also intended to remove confusion so that all students can spend their time taking pictures and having fun.
  • Can my spouse, friend or significant other hang around at the workshop although they are not participating?

    We get asked this a lot from our attendees, especially because many travel far and wide to join a workshop. Unfortunately, we can't allow attendees' spouses, friends or significant others to hang around at the workshops unless they are full-paid attendees. However, we do offer a meal plan which is $395 for attendees' spouses, friends or significant others to join for the meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinners are the meals provided. If the meal plan sounds like something you and your traveling companion would like to purchase, alert Laurie when you register for the workshop.


    Stoecklein Photography has teamed up with Delkin Devices and we are happy to offer you a 15% discount on Delkin products. To browse current Delkin items, including SD and CF memory cards go to: and click, “Digital Photography Memory & Accessories”. Once you have chosen your products, please call Delkin directly at: 1-800-637-8087 and ask for customer sales. When processing your order mention the coupon code: DRSPHOTO15 Please bring all of the camera equipment that you normally use. We prefer DSLR cameras (digital single-lens reflex camera) Drew uses Canon, but you may bring any brand you own. If you have a laptop computer, it is highly recommended that you bring it. Drew works on MAC computers. Laptops will allow you to get a lot more out of the workshop, learn more, and be more hands-on with your photos and editing programs (see below) Drew uses the editing program Adobe Lighroom6 to upload, catalog and edit photos and they will be able to teach you the basics of Lightroom6 at the ranch. If you currently use another editing program and like it, we do not want you to change and we are more then happy to work with you on your program. It would be great if you have time before the workshop to take any of the online tutorials and learn how to download photographs as well as catalog them into Lightroom6 (very easy). There are many helpful tutorials on the Adobe website along with individual lessons you can find on the Internet. You can purchase Lightroom6 through Pictureline: You will be taking tons of amazing shots and on an average shoot; Drew goes through tons of memory cards. You will need 5-6 high-speed SD photo cards that are 4GB capacity and up. Each group of three students will have at least one RED DRAGON® to use during the course. If students would like to take home their footage they must bring a hard drive with a minimum of 1TB space available.


    Drew uses Canon equipment and has good working knowledge of other camera brands. Please bring the equipment you use in your everyday photography. A computer either laptop or desktop is very important to bring. Since we do not have internet access, please download new software like Lightroom6 before you attend. You will be taking lots of photographs so we recommend you bring as many memory cards as you can. A backup external drive is also great to bring in order to protect your images. If you use a tripod please bring it to the workshop.


    Spring/Summer: Dressing in layers is always suggested. It could be raining one minute and as hot as Texas the next. Students should bring jeans and boots since you will be in the dirt and a rain jacket never hurts. The summer can get harsh so remember sunglasses and sunscreen. The nights can get chilly so bring a jacket and lightweight pair of gloves just in case. Fall/Winter: It can be cold if not freezing during the winter months in Idaho. Dressing in layers is important. We recommend you bring thermal underwear, winter waterproof boots, hats, gloves, sunglasses, jeans or work pants, and anything else you may have that will keep you warm and dry.